Live Your Anthem

When we signed up to serve in the U.S. Military, we knew who and what we were going to battle for. The American family, the American worker and the American dreamers. We stood and fought on the front lines with the American dream at our back, as our backbone — our reason, our motivation, our dream to protect.

We recognize that while we’re in a time of economic uncertainty in our country, we’re also in a time when our nation needs all hands on deck doing our part. What “our part” looks like at Anthem is staying true to our roots. Our product is 100% premium beef, slow-cooked to perfection in small batches using real wood smoke. We’re delivering product to our front lines: medical professionals, the National Guard, essential service workers, and organizations who are dedicating their time, energy and focus to making our communities safe for everyone. 

Our intention and mission as civilians, though differing in tactics, is not so different from our mission as special forces: “de oppresso liber” — to free the oppressed. Today, we contribute to that mission by serving the American people, and supporting those who protect our ability and freedom to do so. 

This is our song. This is our cause. This is Anthem.